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Just set up my TS4K a few days ago hooked up to my H/K AVR. On initial setup, everything worked great. Of course, the H/K is an older version so it was just passing 1080p but the sound was working great. Wake up this morning and the picture is fine but I cannot get the audio to pass sound through the receiver. I have tried a bunch of stuff that I have found on here, as well as other forums regarding no sound, and it's still not working. The last thing that I could do is a total reset and start over but I haven't done it yet due to all the login stuff for the various content providers I would have to re-enter. I have tried plugging it directly into the tv and it works fine but somewhere along the way the H/K and TS4K just decided they don't want to talk to each other! I don't have any free HDMI ports on the TV so I was hoping this would work....and it did...for 24 hours. Thanks for reading my rant. Any ideas?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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