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No Signal on one HR10-250

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I was working on my sister's house this weekend and it seems that one of her HR10-250's has lost both satelites, but the other units still work. I didn't disconnect any cables, but added three lines to the multi switch. Any ideas as to what could have happened? I told her to just unplug and wait. Then replug and see what happens. Unit is only a couple months old.
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Added three lines to the multi-switch?

Please clarify how you have the coax running from the dish, to the multi-switch, and then to the Tivos.

You must have all four lines from the dish running to a 4X8 or 5X8 multi-switch. Otherwise you will get the searching for Sat signal banner.
I had them working for the last two - three months. Just seemed that it went dead last night. One HR10-250 is working in the theater, but this upstair's unit, lost it's signal.
Clarify how your DVRs are connected to the multiswitch and satellite. You should have four cables, two from each DVR (one for each tuner), connected at the multiswitch. And what brand/model multiswitch do you have?

You can also try swapping the two HR10-250's to see if the problem "moves".
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