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No programs found

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When I go to the search by title screen on my TiVo Series 3 (original) and try to search for anything at all, I get "no programs found" no matter what letter or digit I choose for the search and regardless of what category I choose, including all programs. This includes the OTA HD locals and analog cable. It finds nothing at all.

The first thing we did was force a call which completed successfully. No effect.

I looked and all the channels we watch are checked, no problem there.

I rebooted to no effect whatsoever.

I am now now re-doing guided setup even though Time Warner has not made any changes locally in their SD package. And as mentioned, it finds nothing OTA either.

Any ideas? :confused:
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Re-doing guided setup did the trick. :)

We have owned various TiVos since the S1 Sony in 2001 and have never seen this problem before.

I have no idea what happened to cause it but it works fine now. If this happens to anyone else, hopefully my experience can help them.
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