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I am a new user. I don't have a phone line (and none of my friends do either, we are bunch 20-somethings who only have cell phones) and I am trying to set up Tivo via a Linksys USB100M, my cable modem, and a linksys BEFSR41 router. I also have a linksys WAP but its currently unplugged so that I can try to get Tivo working.

It is a Tivo TCD540040 40 hour unit manufactured by Tivo itself.
I don't know which software it has.

I have tried the ,#401 in just the dial settings, in just the call-waiting settings, in both and in neither. None of them worked

I tried hooking it directly to the router, that did not work. "No connection" error.
I tried hooking it directly to the cable modem, same result.

The only thing I can think of is that my router is not connected to a PC, its just a stand alone unit. I set it up almost a year ago and quite honestly I don't remember exactly what I did.

If I need to look at my router settings, I would appreciate it if somebody could suggest a way to go about doing that

I posted here b/c it was suggested that I do so in tivo underground section of the forum.

If somebody can help, please let me know

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Is this a new, or recently used TiVo? If so, it should have 7.2.1 on it (if it is new, it will have SS beside the UPC code if 7.2.1 is on it).

If you need to get to router settings, you need to access it form a connected computer, by accessing a web page in the router.
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