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No more "The Tube"

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According to their website "The Tube" has shutdown due to financial difficulties. For those of you who may not have seen it, it was a music channel that was available over the air on the HDTV sub-channels.


"We regret to inform you of the fate that has befallen The Tube Music Network. October 1, 2007 The Tube ceased its national broadcast.

Viewers, Artists, Music Companies, Investors, Business Partners, TV stations, Cable companies, Advertisers , Friends and our creative partners @Radical Media - your support of The Tube has always been highly valued and appreciated. The collective efforts of this team, fueled by the letters we received from viewers, sustained THE TUBE as it struggled through the financial limitations that ultimately contributed to its incapacitated state."
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Wow this sucks!!! I watch that channel all the time and besides VH1 Classics they played some awesome videos.
Sorry, but duh. I could see from the start that there was absolutely no profit in it. They made a promise not to air any commercials... and it was a digital sub-channel service when people barely understand what the concept of digital channels even was.

Plus, the government said that digital sub-channels were subject to E/I requirements just like the main channels, which didn't help. When that happened, many broadcasters dropped the service because continuing to carry the service would mean that they would've needed to double the amount of E/I programming they carried.
I really enjoyed the channel. I never noticed they didn't have commercials.
The Tube was really the one example of use of subchannels that I thought was good. Oh well. I guess I'll just enjoy the last few hours of it.

BTW, considering they just had an ad for "The Perfect Pushup" I wouldn't call it commercial free. :)
Heh - well, the last time I saw The Tube, they didn't have commercials... but then again, the local broadcaster that carried it was one that dropped the service when faced with having to double the number of E/I programs they carried because of it.
The Tube had Wildlife Jams, though. :)

(And in the amusingly quick nature of Wikipedia, is already updated to reflect the 10/1/2007 closure of The Tube)
Wow. I just discovered this channel yesterday. Once again, I am late to the party! :D
It's still live here in NYC though... and no mention in the broadcast yet about it shutting down.
dswallow said:
It's still live here in NYC though...
That's because it's not October 1st yet.

The announcement said the shutdown was as of Oct. 1st.
It simply went black right after the Sopranos theme song video. Then we got station ID here in NYC, about 35 seconds later, a flash to an SD simulcast of the station, which then broke up and disappeared to black again then back to the simulcast then back to black then back to the simulcast, so I guess that's all folks. :(
It just died over here. We now have a very nice banner on the screen saying that other programming will occupy this channel soon.

The last song we saw was "A3 - Woke Up This Morning (Chosen One Mix)", which was the Sporanos theme song. The song finished, and the screen went black. Considering that's how the Sopranos series ended, someone over at The Tube clearly has a sense of humor about their closure :).
the EI stuff was only sat morning for a few hours i think...of course thats the time id really have it on but oh well

now where will i get my 80s video fix?
EI affects both weekdays and weekends -- there are separate parts of the regulation that affects each.

The salient part of the E/I regulation is that over-the-air channels have to carry three hours per week of "educational/informational" programming for kids, with no real specified time slot (but the FCC might look askance at a station that's running their E/I programming at 2:00 A.M. Tuesday). Bicker, I think you're thinking of something different -- there are limits on the amount of commercial time allowed during children's programming, which are different for weekdays and weekends.
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Yup, you're right... that's what I was thinking of.
That explains why I couldn't dial into it, although I could get to it via the guide on my cableco HD-DVR yesterday.

A sad day for music tv yet again, when even VH1CR is showing 'classic' music related movies & documentaries, the only music channel (available to me) that shows only music shuts down.
what a bummer... I kept switching to this channel yesterday whenever the football game was showing commercials. Little did I know it would be the last time.

Its a shame that a 'music' channel like MTV can be successful by showing trash reality shows, while a channel that tries to do it right by showing a wide variety of videos all the time dies so quickly. :(
The Tube went down the tube?
Never heard of 'em until now.
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