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No HBO Free Weekend w/ TiVo?

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Does it make sense that my Bolt/CableCard combo on Xfinity can not get the HBO free weekend this weekend? I get a “not authorized” message when I try to go to the HBO channels. Do we normally miss out on free preview periods like this? Thanks.
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This comcast free weekend is only on demand. you can use xfinity stream.
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It has been that way for a while. Even when channels are free you must go to the stream app to enjoy.
I just checked...my Xfinity Stream app is gone from my 2017 Samsung TV. It did show up when I searched. I added it and all is well
Not the same for a Verizon user. We had the free HBO and Cinemax weekend. Not that there was much on to watch. When I first got my Tivo 2014 I would not be able to access the free weekends but after some time with a VZ Teck and some fixing on the cable card setup it been working fine.
I get the "free" weekend about every quarter. This time it was only one month. Seldom get Startz or Encore. All my feed does is drop encryption for the channels. I always have a CCI byte of 0x00.

You're right. Not much to record.
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