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no center channel sound - NBCHD sports?

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If anyone could possibly test this today, I would be very thankful. I'm watching the Presidents Cup (Golf) on NBCHD right now and I'm not getting any sound from my center channel. I've noticed this before, usually while watching golf on NBCHD. Im wondering if its the signal, my tivo or something with my receiver.

Is anyone else watching golf today and are you getting center channel sound?

For those interested, my setup is:

cable line to tivo -> HDMI to tv

cable line to tivo -> TOSLink to receiver (Yamaha rx-v450)

My receiver says its receiving Digital signal, but again no center channel. Switching to other digital channels (CBSHD, DHD, TNTHD) seem to work fine on the center channel.

Any help or thoughts welcome..

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Sounds like an issue specific to your NBC affiliate.
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