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No Audio On TV Using Composite A/V

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This is probably a TV question, not a Tivo question. I'm pulling my hair out.

I have a new Premiere and I'm trying to get it set up. I have an old TV - no doubt about it. Sony stereo TV from roughly the mid-90s.

I've connected the 3 composite A/V cables from the Premiere to the A/V input on the TV. The video is great - I've got the Tivo setup screens displaying no problems. I'm on the "Check Your Audio" screen in setup and I'm getting no sound. I've been through the TV setup menus and, at least on the surface, they're not rocket science. I cannot figure out why there is no audio. At first I was using old composite A/V cables but I switched those out and am now using what came with the Premiere. This TV has two sets of Video In inputs and both sets produce the same results (no audio). I can't find anything in the TV setup menus concerning audio for/from the Video In sources whatsoever.

Any clues/suggestions of things to look at?

Thanks very much.

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Wow - talk about feeling like a dolt. The menu says "Press the <thumb up> button. If you hear a sound.....". I read it so fast I thought it said "If you hear a sound press the <thumb up> button.

As Emily Latella would say: Never mind.

Holy cow - I wish there was a "Delete Thread" button.

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