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NFL Ticket Sunday Boys vs Pats recording stuttered

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I watched and recorded channel 726 on Sunday off D* NFL Ticket during the Cowboys and Patriots game. Sometime near the beginning of the 4th quarter or at the 2:50 point in the recording, the image started to stutter badly. It was almost like slow motion.

I hit the live button to see if whatever other channel was on was experiencing the same and it was not. I stopped the recording and then re-tuned to 726 and the problem continued. Finally, I pulled the plug and re-booted the Tivo. Everything worked fine and I started a new recording for the remainder of the game.

I talked with a friend that was watching and recording the same game and channel, and he had the same exact issue. We both have HR 10-250s. I also went back and looked at the recording and the stuttering is still there.

Any ideas out there? Luckily, I was watching live and was able to fix it. I would have really been upset if I had found out later.
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I saw this same thing at the same time you mention on my HR20. I think it was the HD feed because when I switched over to the SD feed it was fine.
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