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NFL Sunday Ticket - Short Cuts

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Two weeks in a row TiVo has had the channel assignment for the NFL Sunday Ticket shortcut channels backwards. They have the AFC channel listed as channel 729 and the NFC channel listed as 728. This is incorrect. Both weeks I have ended up with a recording of the incorrect game.

I need to get around to calling them to let them know that the channel assignment is incorrect. Is there a way to report the issue online?
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Why don't I see any team names on my TIVO? I have had the NFL Package and TIVO for several years and this is the first year my TIVO does not list the team names in the schedule. Which means I can't use a season pass to schedule my favorite teams games. Are there any solutions out there?
I setup a Wishlist on keyword 'short cut" then category Sports. I am guessing you could add the team name also "short cut broncos"
No the problem is Direct TV is not sending TIVO the Team names so you can't do a wish list or search
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