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Next Iron Chef - 10/30 - Name Change

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Food Network fans, the new season of Next Iron Chef has a name change to "Next Iron Chef - Super Chefs" and will not be picked up by an old season pass.

Listings for 10/30 arrived today, so if you want to record it @9:00PM EDT, a new season pass is required.
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I'm not seeing it...I only see the old/original one listed. My program data is through 11/3 so it should be there...??! Anyone else?
Thanks for this thread.

Mine didn't pick up the new series either. Jen, I would check yours again.
Love the SP alerts from this forum. New SP created, thanks! :up:
Nope, still don't have it. I've been having guide issues but I thought they were solved.


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Well, crap. I found it on my second TiVo, which means I have more issues than I thought on the other TiVo.
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