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I'm happy to see TiVoPony chime in on the problem-- he has been a good voice of reason, and source of information all the years I have been lurking around these forums--- He is one of the reasons I have so few posts--- My questions are answered by simply searching the forums-- no need to post!

That said, his post here makes me a little nervous--- that TiVo feels the majority of the issues have been fixed, where as it seems to me that almost an equal number of us still have less than acceptable picture quality....

Should those of us TiVo HD owners that are still experiencing picture quality issues consolidate, and post our specific issues into one new "uber" post--- leaving out our opinions, suggestions and arguments, and just post the facts of what we are experiencing? Maybe this will show the magnitude of the issue, and provide TiVo the facts without the conjecture....

If ya'll think this idea is sound, I ask that TivoPony start the thread-- and we post our Tivo issues there-- thoughts?
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