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I am a long-time Tivo user - since 2000 or so.
I have a newly purchased, refurbished Bolt from Weaknees that came to life pretty easily.

The problem is that it won't record any shows, except for UEFA Soccer and Premier League Soccer on the Mexican channel.

In the Recording Activity section all episodes of all shows are shown as duplicate, which makes no sense because there is exactly 1 show recorded in "My Shows" .

I have checked the season pass for these shows and they are all set to start on season 1, record new and reruns, all channels.

It even shows "duplicate" for a soccer game that was supposed to record live. No way is there a duplicate of that.

What else is weird is it shows two entries for shows on the same channel, both showing duplicate.

Help !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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