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I'm thinking about purchasing a second (or even third) Tivo, and I have a few questions.

1) Can you move recorded programs from one Tivo box to another? If so, does the second box require a subscription?

We currently have one in our main room, and I was thinking of putting a second tivo in another room, with a subscription. However, there are times I would like to watch one of the recorded shows in bed, so was thinking of buying a third box without a subscription.

2) I know the price of the monthly subscription for the second box drops from $12.95 to $6.95. Are you still charged $12.95 for the first box?

Thanks for putting up with my questions.

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so for the bedroom you either get a third box and subscribe it of use soemthing like avcast to send the output of the TiVo over the coax along with remote control commands. check out www.crossbarmedia.com for more details.

there are more options than just avcast to do this but this is the easies tto link up adn has a website full of info
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