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I am thinking seriously about canceling Dish Network. Long story short Dish Network is in a war with Lin Media. I lost my local CBS channels right during March Madness.

I want to get rid of all pay services and just start using antenna to get the local stations. I have been reading about the Tivo Premiere. I can't seem to find some information that I am looking for on Tivo's website. Can you please tell me if a Tivo can control more than one tv? I understand it can record up to two programs but can you play back the programs on two separate televisions or do you need two tivos to do this? Also, I am a little confused on the monthly charges. I've read on most forums that the monthly charge is $12.95 for the service. I have read on other forums that it is $19.99. Can someone please clarify which amount is correct?
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The Premiere can output to more than 1 Tv, but you can't send different video to the separate Tvs like you can with Dish's receivers. What's displayed on 1 Tv is what will be displayed on ALL Tvs.
The $12.95 monthly fee is if you purchase the Premiere outright for $300, or you can pay $0 down, but agree to a 2 year agreement and pay $19.95 monthly.
Also, before you go antenna ONLY, go to www.tvfool.com and input your address. See what you'll be able to get, what strength antenna you'll need and at what height you'll need to place it in order to get the channels you need/want. Also, channels may be in different directions, which can be a problem if you're using a DVR.
Not sure what you mean about TiVo controlling a TVs. Do you mean can you output video to multiple TVs. Yes it has hDMI, svideo, and component out. Each could be connected to different TVs.

You said drop paid service and record from antenna. Antenna is referred to as OTA (over the air). You can only record one OTA show at a time. If you install a cable card and use with a cable provider you can record 2 cable shows or 1 OTA and 1 cable.

If you buy a refurbished or used TIVo it should be $12.95 per mo. If you buy a New TiVo on TiVo.com it's $19.95.

The $19.95 is TiVos way of selling the hardware cheaper and recovering cost with the Sub...

If you are looking for OTA DVR you may also want to look at the Sezmi DVR. Or maybe get a used TiVo HD or Series 3 and save $$ on the hardware and $12.95 sub.... You probably can get a S4 used on fleaBay for ~$300 with the life time subscription. ~$60 for a box you need a monthly sub on.
You CAN record 2 OTA channels at the same time.
You CAN record two OTA channels at once. I have just finished the proccess of dropping Dish. I would suggest that if you work out your antenna solution to see if you get the signal and stability you want. I tried multiple indoor antennas before I hooked up a directional outdoor antenna before I was satified with the signal I had. I did this process during my 30 day window for returning the TIVO using the tuner in the TIVO since there is some comments that say it is not a great performer. The website tvfool is a valuable resource to see what kind of antenna you might need. Good luck with your transition.
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