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peaches4 said:
Thank you! I didn't think I was doing anything illegal and knew there must be a way! You helped alot! God bless you in 2006!
Not that it is any big deal to me if you move your tapes onto new media, but you should know that what you are doing - breaking the copy protection flags on the VHS movies by stripping the VBI bits off with the device petew suggested is indeed illegal under the law. I post this mainly just to keep clarity about what current copyright laws are like and what fair use rights people do not have. Undfer the DMCA law alone, breaking a copy protection scheme by any means is illegal and you have no legal fair use of those tapes other than to play them in a VCR until they fall apart.

I almost posted to poke a little fun at PeteW and the very studied description of the device to indentify a legitimate use of the device so the device itself is not illegal. ;)

if you think your should have teh fair use legally of moving from VHS to DVD on your own then write your gov. reps. and let them know.
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