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Newbie, need help upgrading HDR112

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I've been using TIVO for awhile and I now need to replace my HDD.
my HDR112 start having problem last week where it will freeze.
talked to few people they recommended me to buy a new hard drive for it.
I've downloaded everything from Hinsdales website but still can't get it to work.

i keeps on getting error
/dev/hda10: Success
mfs_load_volume_header: mfsvol_read_data: Input/output error
mfsbackup: Backup failed to startup. Make sure you specified the right devices, and that the drives are not locked.

i have my original TIVO drive in Primary Master hda and my new drive in Primary Slave hdb and my DVD Burner on Secondary Master hdc.

i used command mfsbackup -6so /mnt/dos/tivo.bak /dev/hda

what am I doing wrong? would it be easier to download a new HDR112 image instead of using from my old one? where can I find it?

Thanks for all your help... if this still doesn't work, maybe it's time to buy a drive on ebay with software already loaded.
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I don't even know how to do the Hinsdale method or linux, but, doesn't the cd/dvd go on the secondary slave?

I could be looking at an old guide, but carefully check for the correct drive configuration and connections.

I'm gonna try this one day, but I hear winmfs or mfslive is easier.

Also, Instant Cake is the easiest of all. I can vouch for that. But it's $20.

ps. Post how everything works out.
go to http://www.mfslive.org/ and download the Boot CD MFSlive-1.3b.iso
then go to MFSlive ICG and it will tell you the command line. Remember to put a space in front of /dev/hd<drive letter>
If you get frustrated go to www.DVRupgrade.com and buy Instantcake which is very easy. Good luck :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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