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New York TiVo Fans

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I'm wondering...who has the most TiVo DVR's in New York City?

Looking for some fans in NYC, especially those that use our broadband features...

Give a shout! ;)

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Why could you not have asked say...3 months ago...i just left! Dang
nyny523 said:
Pick me, pick me!! :)
Always the center of attention, eh? ;)
Havana Brown said:
Always the center of attention, eh? ;)
You and me, both, Sweetie! :p :up:
Update...hoping to find a family that loves TiVo. Doesn't have to be a family, but it's a bonus.

And the love for the broadband features.

Don't be shy...tell us about yourself. Or if you are shy...send me a PM. ;)

is the press going to be involved?

I'm in the witness protection program and all...
I've got 3. HD, Series 2, Sony - Series 1

Pick me
jbaum said:
I've got 3. HD, Series 2, Sony - Series 1

Pick me
Not in NYC, Just NY. We got quite a few. Series 1 (Nanny), Series 2 (Daddy), Series 2 (Junior), Series 2 (Baby), Series 3 (Mommy). Each family member has one as not to conflict with the other.

Only two for me. I have a network card in my S1. I will be using the network features of my S3 when you guys turn it on.
MichaelK said:
is the press going to be involved?

I'm in the witness protection program and all...
Yes, it would involve the press. ;)

If each of you could drop me a PM with a bit of background and how to contact you if needed, it would be very helpful. Thanks!

Would this involve TiVocast of certain large newspaper as well ?
I only have a Series 2 single tuner in my bedroom and I use the broadband features all the time.
does NJ (15 minutes from NYC) count? :D
On Long Island, 15 miles from NYC. Have S3 and S2, and one Cablevision SA8300 DVR, so I can honestly compare them.
I have had a Series 1 for about 8 years give or take, I have a Tivo decal on my front door and have plugged Tivo endlessly, I've sold my family about 10 Tivo's alone, although I neve heard of Tivo rewards until I recently joined this forum and bought the Tivo HD. I've wired my house so I can access my Series 1 Tivo in my basement, my LR and my Bedroom.

I recently purchased a Tivo HD for the new fall season and have used an OTA Antenna to pull in my HD networks while I wait for Verizon Fios to come into my town, hopefully within 6 mos or so and add the cable card funcionality. In the meantime, the Tivo HD works flawlessly. So much so, I cna now add more kids show to record for the family on some of the PBS 2nd and 3rd streams that I pick up OTA.

I have since used the broadband features to join Amazon Unbox and watch a bunch of the new fall premiers. And have recently scheduled some new season premiers online.

Although I still have a Cable DVR for "4 tuner"high def redundancy, I plan on upgrading the hard drive at some point in the future when the esata drive gets enabled officially and I will plan to kick the dvr for good.
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I have (2) Series 3 and (1) Series 2DT unit, and (3) no-longer-subscribed DirecTV HR10-250's laying around. Plus there's two Scientific Atlanta SA8300HD's here just waiting for a chance to run TiVo software one day. :)

It's just me and my two cats.

Alas, except for Unbox which I do use, the most important broadband features remain unusable to me. :(
I'm too far away to be a real contender, but I have:-

1 Series 1 :)
2 Series 2 :) :)
3 Series 3 :) :) :)

Bring on the Series 4 :D
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