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Redux said:
OK. I am wrong. There is obviously some compelling purpose for posting childish stuff like this, since half a dozen of you are doing it relentlessly. What am I missing? What is the motivation to come into a Tivo forum to thumb your nose at those who have chosen to stay with Tivo? I am far beyond complaining now, just bewildered.
Makes you wonder if there are some DTV marketing dollars at work here. I mean, TiVo community is quite the resource for about 2.7 million or so DTV/TiVo customers. It's a large enough customer base that I could see DTV funding some long time members to a) talk up the HR20, and b) spread some TiVo FUD.

Really, what are the possibilities for their motivation:

a) They are getting DTV funding through dollars/free equipment/free service.
b) They work for DTV, maybe on the HR20 development team.
c) They don't like TiVo, maybe from a bad customer experience.
d) DBSTalk is just not that fun of a place. The party is better over here.
e) The dreaded investment reasons. They short TiVo stock.
f) They have just a benevolent heart, and wish to spread their goodwill.

Maybe someone should create a poll because I would like to see what others on this site think.

I don't think DTV influence is beyond the realm of possibility. Especially when you consider what the CEO of Whole Foods had been doing on message boards relating to a competitor.
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