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DonDon said:
I am not interested in any of the HD content off of the Sats right now. Anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes here knows about the crappy DTV DVRS and mpeg4. I just want the ability to record the Bears in HD this season. I would have bought a couple of HR10s last year, but they were still going for $400 bux then. I only paid $100 bux for mine last week. Not a bad deal for an OTA DVR.
And, if you are a long time customer, you may have been able to get an HR20 for $20, including a new dish and had not only reliable OTA recording but also a lot more HD. And not had to worry about what software version it is running...

Oh well, enjoy your HR10. Enjoy paying 10 bucks a month for OTA and a handful of satellite stations that will go away while the rest of us pay the same amount and get more.
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