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Goign to be getting DirecTv in a few weeks.

I already own a tivo and have for a long while.

My major concern is local tv is not available through directv in my area. I need suggestions on how all of thise works since I'm a newbie? I need to get an antenna to watch nbc, cbs, abc and fox? What kind and how does the tivo work with that being different from my directv?


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First, note that you've posted in the forum dedicated to the boxes that combine a DirecTV receiver with TiVo. You're using separate boxes. That's fine, but tends to be discussed in other forum sections.

You will rerun Guided Setup and tell it that you have satellite and antenna. The DirecTV box will connect to the S-Video and L/R audio inputs of the TiVo, and the antenna to the RF input. The TiVo can keep these straight and will select the appropriate one for the channel you have tuned to.
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