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Just got the bolt installed and cleared the channels (used one) then rescanned channels.

I’m getting around 60 channels that it detects.

when I check the signal strength, most of the channels give me 72.

however, I can only seem to watch a few of the locals not all 60 channels.

back to signal strength on a channel that’s not working, comes back as 72. Channel won’t display.

why is the box finding around 60 channels but I can only watch a fraction of that list.

Any advice??

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back to signal strength on a channel that's not working, comes back as 72. Channel won't display.
Any advice??
I can't help much since I don't have your hardware, but here's two items. First 72% is normal since the 4-tuner Bolt and Roamio (OTA) try to control the signal with AGC to make it 72%.

A channel not working. You're entering the channel number with the number pad? TiVo doesn't use PSIP, so the guide channel number may be wrong if the channel has been moved with the recent FCC repack. Please post the call letters of that channel.

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There's nothing wrong. Your channel list has nothing to do with your scan, only your zip code. Mine includes channels 250 miles away that I couldn't possibly get without a 500 ft antenna. Just go into the list and hide them. You could also scan on your TV's tuner or check antennaweb.org for a better idea of what channels you actually get.

There are also several channels that have a good signal but no picture. I can't explain that, but it's also very common. Just consider a channel with no picture unavailable, regardless of the strength meter.

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Welcome to the forums. Unfortunately, TiVo boxes are not very user friendly anymore, so you may have a lot to learn. But it is all here; just takes some searching and reading.

To begin with, you need to tell us if you are trying to use your TiVo with OTA or cable. For now, I'll assume you are OTA. It would also help a lot to know what version of the TiVo user interface your box is currently using - TE3 or TE4?
  • When you press the TiVo button on your remote, look at the top left corner of the screen. If it says "TiVo Home", that is the newest and often hated TE4.
  • If you see "TiVo Central, that is the older and much more functional and easier to use TE3 (just my personal opinion, of course).
If you are currently on TE4, you might want to consider rolling that box back to TE3 before you begin accumulating recordings. All Bolts (except for the specifically named "Bolt OTA" model) can use either TE3 or TE4. A TE3 box can convert to TE4 without losing any recordings, but to go back to TE3, ALL recordings are lost! There is lots more information about both software versions and the conversion process in many other threads in these forums. And there are very strong opinions about which version is better. I use both, and I personally despise almost everything about the horrible TE4.

Did you do a full Guided Setup? That is important. The next problem, specific to your first question, is that it can be difficult to understand just how a TiVo finds and uses TV channels - it does not just scan for them like any TV. It must first download a list of possibly available channels specific to the entire DMA where you live, and then YOU must go into the Channel List screen and decide just which of those "possible" channels you can actually receive and WANT to receive. To do this, you will need to know both the call letters and frequencies used for every channel that you should be able to receive in your area. Virtually everything about the channel scan function in a TiVo is a complete joke! It can find an existing channel that is not on the downloaded list, but you will never have any program information for that channel unless you can convince TiVo to add it to your master list. Here is another post of mine that will help explain this further:
Roamio OTA VOX channel scan

The next problem for you right now is that the Signal strength function in current TiVo boxes has been broken for years, and they have shown no intent to even try to address that problem. Sometimes, all channels will show the same signal strength, even if the channel does not really exist, other times, all channels will show 0 signal strength. And the worst case is that sometimes just changing the channel in the signal strength screen will cause your TiVo to reboot! You can find more info on this in other threads too.
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