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vchan168 said:
I have FIOS TV with TiVo HD with 2 motorola cablecard, all the channels above 49, it is solid, very clear, no breaking up.
but from time to time, channel 1-49, it is breaking up alot, it is unwatchable. at time, the signal is at 100% solid, but at time, it was all over the place. it just doesn't make much sense.
The signal from the ONT could be too strong on that frequency band. The output from the ONT isn't 100% linear. And the output from splitters and attenuators certainly isn't linear. You may need to try a different splitter or add an attenuator to reduce your signal strength.

I really don't know what the problem is really, but I have 2 other TV in the house just using normal cable, and it looks fine to me. so I am thinking it might be TiVo HD or the cablecard
It's not your Tivo or the CableCard. It's the Tivo's sensitivity to signals that are too low or too high. Since you are seeing 100% reported signal strength, your signal could be too strong.

My FiOS signal strength is 95-96% with a 35dB SNR. No breakup or pixelization on any channel with my TivoHD in DC/VA.
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