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New Tivo HD updated last night from 8.1 to... 9.1???

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I read about the new 9.2 update last night and ran to my Tivo HD (which had been stuck on the factory installed 8.1 since I got it lat week) only to find... the dread 9.1 update! I thought they had stopped pushing 9.1 to Tivos recently?
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Not evreyone will get it now. Im getting my tivo hd soon, and I hope it will upgrade to 9.2 but I doubt it will. Here is what tivopony said last night

"The 9.2 software is a Series3/TiVo HD only release, and just entered the 'test the waters' phase last night. It's going out to a small number of customers to measure the impact on the call centers. We do this with every release, it's part of the process leading to a wider, full scale rollout."
right, but I was under the impression that they had stopped pushing the 9.1 update since it was so buggy. Why update my Tivo now when 9.2 is just starting to come out? I'd rather they just leave the more stable version on my machine until i get 9.2, makes no sense to me.

With any luck, you will only have to live with 9.1 for a week or two. Based on initial reports, Tivo addressed most of the 9.1 issues with 9.2, so presumably they'll want to get that out there as quickly as possible.
Head back to the priority page; it has been updated to push 9.2 out to S3/HD users.
Awesome! I hadn't noticed that, since the URL still has 91 in it. Thanks!
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