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New TiVo Glo-remote...not as bright as original

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Hi all,

My original TiVo Series 3 glo remote stopped working recently (up toggle no longer worked) so I ordered a replacement from Weaknees.

The new one doesn't seem to glo nearly as brightly as the old remote when compared side by side. The only thing to glo brightly is the TiVo symbol and the up/down/right/left toggle.

Is the remote defective? Is there a way to increase the brightness? Weaknees wasn't any help. They said to call TiVo. :down:


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I have 3 of them (all the same glo remote with the 1-2 switch), and I've noticed this as well, but I think this happens as the batteries wear. When I put in fresh--I mean good quality, truly young and fresh--batteries, the other areas glow brighter. But as time passes, I observe what you have. That's my observation. But as the batteries wear

However, in looking at them together carefully and experimenting with the glow, 2 of them seem alike (1 came with the S3 and the other came with the HDXL) and while the 3rd has the TiVo button with the TiVo crittier with a slightly, but clearly, different smile, and this one has a lot of bright light leaking out from the cracks of the TiVo button that has a fluorescent light quality to it, while the other two seem to have not such a quality to the light. I got that 3rd one a few months ago from a retailer on Ebay selling NEW TiVo remotes for the S3's or HDXL's that he had that are no longer in production. I suspect his has later productions of that original Glo Remote. The are indeed remotes that were designed for the S3 and HDXL, but being a later production, they are bound to have some very minor differences, and what you've observed about the lighting is one of them. BTW, that remote works perfectly and was, indeed, brand new.

In short: there are probably different productions of the same remote (we're talking the Original S3 glo remote with the 1-2 switch) that are not going to be exact, and do, indeed have a few things different about them (the TiVo critter smile is NOT the same). So, it is just the luck of the draw. This is not uncommon with many products: slight variations from one production to the next production years later. The place I bought it from and Weaknees probably have the same production runs.

TiVo no longer produces those remotes (the 1-2 switch), but recommends the replacement model as the current C00212 that is for the Premiere XL and Elite. So glad we can still get our hands on the 1-2 switch models.
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