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I first noticed today on the Zap2it.com TV listings that there is a new service to directly record shows over the web from Zap2it. Presumably it is a convenient venue to the existing TiVo over-the-web scheduling.

In the listings, click on a a show title to bring up the show info page, and in the left margin is the TiVo guy icon with a "Record to TiVo" link:
Now you can schedule recordings of your favorite programs by linking your TiVo® boxes with Zap2it!

With the amazing TiVo® service, you can schedule recordings of your favorite show anytime, anywhere right from Zap2it. What are you waiting for?

1. Control live TV: pause, rewind, slo-mo and instant replay
2. Easy digital recordings - no tapes, timers or worries
3. Find and record by title, actor, team or keyword with a WishList® search
4. Never miss an episode with Season Pass™ recordings
5. Take your favorite shows with you on DVD or your laptop

See the requirements below:

1. TiVo.com user account (Register for free here)
2. TiVo® Series2™ or above DVR* (Buy a TiVo DVR here)

*Not available for DirecTV subscribers who have TiVo service as a part of their satellite subscription. You must have a standalone TiVo® Series2™ DVR or above to use this service.
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