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new problem with recording the "soaps"

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Heygang over the last few weeks my soap operas aren't always being recorded correctly,tivo is stating they are
repeats &have been recorded in the past 28 days and can not be
to record repeats anyway for these shows. it happened to bold and the beautiful & as the world turns on CBS
channel here in OH as i said it it just started an i have been recording them for years with tivo. any suggestions or advice ?? thanks in advance all !!
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This almost happened to me today. Bold & Beautiful was gone from the To Do List and listed as a repeat in Recording History. I had to manually set it to record. And sure enough I check it this afternoon and it was a new episode. It has also happended with Young & Restless a few times.

The only advice I can give is to check your To Do List regularly. I used to only check once a week or every ten days. But I could swear that the episode was set to record yesterday and then today it wasn't. Will have to check more often. I am in North Carolina by the way.
Sounds like guide data gone bad
you could set it to record all 9which inlcudes repeats even if "recorded in last 28 days" I thought there are no actual repeats in the soap world anyway so recording them all is not so bad
My soap settings are record all with duplicates and I haven't lost one yet :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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