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All went well and I just wanted to share my experience and steps as maybe it will help someone.

Equipment summary: I got a new Mini Lux from WeeKnees for my back of the house office, and in my living room I have a Premiere XL4 with which I have the 'old' Tivo Experience (and really hate the new visual bar. My preference).

Internet: The Tenda Nova WiFi Mesh Network cubes are just amazing. I've been using them for years and with my very old solid wall home, 4 of them blanket my home with WiFi , and just outside the house as well. Each of these cubes has an RJ45 connector for it's gigabit port. In my office I have that cube port connected to a Linksys switch box with 8 ports. I use them for 2 computers, an Xbox and whatevers... and now the Mini Lux.

I opened the Mini Lux box (ooohhh yeah, new product smell) and registered the device with my Tivo account BEFORE powering up the Lux. Once done and powered up I went through setups and updates and just let it do it's thing. It was looping setup, but quickly realized I had to wait a bit for my Lux to register in the Tivo system.

I came back about 30 min later and did setup again and it didn't see my Premiere XL4 in the other room. Both are connected via Ethernet to my Tenda cubes. So I started "make daily call now" on the Premiere to be sure it grabbed my account info AFTER I saw the Lux on my Tivo account online and it was in the Tivo system.

So now Lux registered in Tivo's system. I updated Premiere after that (I feel this step was important. It updated earlier in the day before I started all this, but after is best), and then I powered up the Lux and this time it saw it and warned me that I needed to update my Premiere to the new experience OR I could downgrade my Tivo Lux to match the Premiere "old experience" and I'm a big dick for doing that. (no really, it said that! ;-) ) ... so I told it to downgrade the Lux, it told me I was a dick regardless and it's going to erase recordings, wish lists... everything .Huh? everything? Nothing gets stored on the Lux!? What the hell? So... I was nervous it was going to erase all on my Premiere since it didn't specify and well.. it didn't ::whew::). So boom done. There it is.

I then got the code for my Samsung TV to use the remote vol and pwr , etc. and then started to experiment and screw with it.

All n all the LUX is pretty cool. I now have Tivo access in my back office and it's smooth as could be. I'll have to learn tricks around having only a single tuner on the Lux... like hitting record on one channel I want to jump back to, then going Live on another channel.

I'm also digging that I can release the tuner it hangs on to in the other room if I only want to watch my recorded programs. Just tap that Tivo/Home button... then one more time and done. One of the 4 tuners I was using in the living room is instantly released. Then it's great that the Lux stays on the My Shows page and doesn't go 'live' like the Premiere does. It then goes sleepy time in about 4 hours. Good by me.

That's my experience step by step... sorta.

- Dan B
Carlsbad CA

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