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New Issue with Mac Snow Leopard, Tivo Desktop and LAME

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Following advice in other threads in this forum, I have been using TiVo Desktop v. 1.95a and LAME v. 3.97 from Thalictrum on my Mac OS 10.6.8 to successfully play DRM-free AAC and MP3 files. The music feature is the only reason I even bothered to download TiVo Desktop.

However, sometime between 8/3/11 (when I last used the music feature) and 8/5/11 (the next time I went to use it), I can still see my folders, files and playlists. I can even press play to begin a song -- then I briefly see the song info screen before TiVo beeps and either declares error#3-0-65535 or gives me a message about how the server may be busy, etc.

I cannot play MP3s, much less AAC files, although I can see everything.

Most discussion I've found about this issue is at least a year old. Has anybody else had this problem with Mac OS 10.6.x, TiVo Desktop, and LAME within the last few days? And has anybody found a cause or solution?

UPDATE 2 Hours Later: I enabled logging in the TiVo Desktop pane, scanned the log and discovered all went as it should until it came time to find a song file. At that point it looked in the wrong folder. For whatever reason, iTunes had taken it upon itself to revert to the default media location, not the one I had specified. A simple fix in the end, but perhaps someone else may benefit from this thread if iTunes has gone rogue.
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