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Now that my cablecard provisioning issues have settled down (I hope) I am experiencing a new problem.

Sometimes, some (not all) digital channels will tune in to a black screen. No cablecard error, but no show either.

When I check the diagnostics, it shows that it is tuned correctly. Initially I thought the problem was that the channel was reflected as analog, but after the reboot (when it works) it also shows analog, so...<shrug>

Some of the channels that seem to disappear are 220 (CNN), 240 (TNT) and 241.

I went into the cable signal strength meter during one of these "outages" and discovered that the afflicted channels cannot be tuned there, even though they can be tuned from the guide. Something is making them drop off the face of the planet.

Again I don't think it's a cablecard issue at this point since rebooting fixes it.

As a side note, the box was having trouble rebooting, sticking on "Almost there" several times, so I am trying a C&DE now to see what I get.

Anyone else see this?

Note: This is on an M-Card setup.
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