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New DTV DVR have Network?

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Does the new DTV DVR's give you the ability to have network connectivity to your pc? Or is that another 'future' capability where the hardware is there But they never let u use without a hack!!
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The R15 which is more fully discussed here does not at the current time, have any networking capabilities. According to various people in the know, and extraneous D* press releases there will be some sort of video transfer capabilities in the future.
At CES DirecTV Announced two items: DirecTV 2GO and a Partnership with Microsoft.

The first as stated in the Press Release, DirecTV 2GO is at first going to be for hand held video players, but nothing specific about computer usage.

The 2nd was from Micrsoft, stating that a partnership has been struck between them and DirecTV to allow the new DVRs (R15 and HR20) to communicate with the Microsoft Media Center edition PC and that Intel (IIRC) is working on building a PC - DirecTV Tuner card for the Media Center....

More specifics where not released. Some reports have D2GO to be out in 3-5 months, with the Microsoft Media Center communication 6-9 months out, and the tuner card in about a year or so.
How about a wireless hook up with Tivo to Go, using the USB port?
Well I guess I just answered my own question, I got on the Tivo to Go site and found out it can not be used with Directtv Tivo, bummer.
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