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Hello all,

Just a couple of questions.

I'm currently switching over from Comcast to DirecTV. I'll be retiring my current SAS2 (single tuner). I signed up for the free DirecTivo from weaknees.com. I'm very excited and cannot wait to have it installed. I weighed the pros and cons of keeping the current SAS2 and using a D11 receiver but decided against it.

The questions I have are based on the fact that I don't have and will never get a landline (CenturyTel is awful). I've been using a Netgear USB ethernet adapter for the SAS2, which has worked flawlessly since I purchased it.

From my researching the tivocommunity forums I understand that a DTivo doesn't need a phone line to operate day to day other than to order PPV via the remote (I can live with that), but it will need one to activate. That's fine. I have a friends house that I can take the DTivo to and use his landline to activate. Not a problem.

My main question is, will this cause any problems for the installer? 1) Can he check the signal strength on a DTivo that hasn't been activated? 2) Will he sign off on the installation when the DTivo hasn't been activated?

3) Has there been any change to the software of DTivo's that allow activation over a network (I'm guess no but I'll ask anyway)?

I can't think of any other questions right now but if you have any advice on install DTivo's without a phone line any help would be appreciated.


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Right. You need a phone connection for the Tivo's initial Guided Setup. After that, no phone connection is required.

1) Yes, your installer can check the signal strength without a phone line.
2) Most likely. If he gives you a hard time about lacking a phone connection, just tell him that it's being installed in a week or two.
3) No.

Note that the DirecTV DVRs (R15 SD DVR and HR20 HD DVR) do not require any phone connection, even for initial setup.
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