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rnmcdowell said:
First, can I use the USB ports on this receiver to connect to a wireless home network and do my updates, manage music files etc. Doesn't seem from what I read that this is possible with a DirecTV receiver.

Second, I had an older model DirecTV Receiver (Hughes) which had a cable output that I used to feed the signal to a small TV in the kitchen. The new receiver doesn't have this output, so what do I need to do to use both receivers and continue to get the signal to the kitchen TV. I can leave the old receiver in the same location I had it, but I only have two cables coming to that area from the original installation.
Even if hacked, the HD10 is running version 3 level software, and so it doesn't have native support for music file management and the like. You can run TiVoWebPlus, and some other utilities, but the HMO-style features require at least version 6.

Another option, if you don't have a VCR handy, is to pick up a cheap RF modulator on eBay or at RadioShack. You'd just hook the composite video into the modulator and it will generate the same channel 3 or 4 output the old receiver did.
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