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New Channels Not Working - Cablevision / Oakland, NJ - SA CC's

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Anyone in my area seeing the same thing? I am unable to receive the new channels in the low 400's, specifically to my concern, NHL Network on channel 401.
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First, are you paying for the Sports Pak? NHL Network is NOT part of the standard io Packages, you have to subscribe to the Sports Pak to get it.

Do you have an STB in your house? If so, do you get 401 on it?

I don't know if the sports pak is on SDV. You might consider calling Cablevision to find out. It could be like the foreign language paks, which are SDV.
ah... thats the problem.... the tivo added these channels but i do not subscribe, i have to give cablevision a call soon anyhow, i just purchased a tivo hd as a second unit and need cards...

that should solve the problem i hope, i'll just have to find out if they are SDV
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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