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New Bolt+ 1TB 6 tuner - cable card issues - Frontier Fios

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Hi all,

I have been on a very frustrating saga trying to get my Fios TV to work reliably on Tivo Bolts, and I would love any input anyone has.

The main issue has been things working fine, and then I suddenly get tuning lag and issues, cable card error messages, V53, V117 etc. When I change channels, I get "Can't play now". I hit ok, select the channel again in the guide and it goes to it. Sometimes it comes in, sometimes I have to wait a bit for the channel to come in from a black screen.

I previously had a Bolt VOX 500gb with these issues. My tivo service was up for renewal, so I jumped on the sale of the Bolt+ VOX 1TB in December. I really felt like the Tivo box and tuners were the problem, so I thought a fresh Bolt with 6 tuners might solve it. I got it up and running, still getting these issues. I have requested a new cable card more than once from Frontier. I get it installed and paired, works fine for a bit, then back to these error messages. Here are some of the troubleshooting steps I've taken:

--Double-checked coaxial wiring. Put Bolt downstream of a 4 way splitter and 2 way splitter to attenuate hot Fios signal a bit. My signal readings are around 90% and 36db SNR.
-- Ordered a new cable card and installed. Made sure the tech on the phone completely unpaired the old card, and re-paired the new one. Double checked numbers, all good. I think I'm on card number 3 or 4 at this point.
--I've taken the top of the case off the new Bolt+ for airflow. My temp readings are in the 50s.

One thing I can confirm is that once I start getting the errors and tuning issues, I can't access any of the CableCard menus. All I get is a "Failed to load CableCard" message. After either unplugging or rebooting the Bolt, I get the normal CableCard menus back and tuning operation is normal for a bit. Then a while later, I get the same problem of no CableCard menus and tuning problems.

I really am at my whits end, and have no idea if the problem is the cable card or the Tivo? Or do these Tivo Bolts just suck and never work right? Or could I really be getting that many defective Cable Cards? The last couple cards I've received have the brand Arris on them, but the Tivo shows them as Motorola? I remember older cards I had just said Motorola with a different sticker. Would the card brand make any difference?

Again, I would appreciate any help and I am just so frustrated I want to scream. I'm really thinking of scrapping all of it, and going to SlingTV. I have Frontier rolling a truck to me next week, but I have a feeling that won't change anything. I'm also dealing with Tivo Executive Relations too.

Thanks so much,
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Just an update, had Frontier tech out today. He tried yet another cable card, checked splitters, pinged the cable card. It's still having the same issues, it has to be this garbage Tivo Bolt. It amazes me how TIVO has no problem turning out these terrible boxes and charging what they do.
Does anyone know, if I get a renewed Roamio Pro, will I have a better experience?
Why the Pro? I only ask because the basic Roamio, while only 4 tuners, is mentioned less when there are problem posts. Plus it can be used OTA with a repeat of Guided Setup. It can't do both at the same time. The hard drive is 3 1/2" and takes about 15 minutes to install a 3GB. It may be a bit slower than the Pro, and only 100Mbps Ethernet. The fans sometimes need replacing, an other 15 minute job.

I have 4 and 3 Mini. I have no Bolts.
How "new" is your Bolt?

Return it for another one?

Or, TiVo would likely work with you to get a replacement, if that's really the issue.

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