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tonyonlinux said:
Thanks for the tip will do. Oh sorry for the ignorance but is there a way to tell on the tivo guide if its a repeat. I mean I know the new season starts 1/17 but I'm talking about other shows.
Take a look at the detail screen for the show, which you can get to by pushing the 'display' button ('enter' for Sony remotes). At the bottom of that screen you can often find the Original Air Date. If the OAD is the same as the air date you are recording, that's a pretty good clue it is not a repeat -- although I have seen some older shows tagged with the new broadcast date when they are re-syndicated or aired for the first time on that PBS station.

Also, be on the lookout for 'generic' listings. For instance, one of the shows I like to watch is E-Force on OLN. It is a 'Cops' type show about the Fish and Wildlife Service. The generic listing for the show, used as a placeholder when there is no specific Guide Data for the show, reads 'Saving and Preserving the Florida Keys'. The OAD for listings like this is usually the OAD for the start of the series.

There are other flags which your TiVo uses in combination with the OAD to tell if the show is a repeat. When your TiVo sees a generic listing, on a Season Pass or Auto Recording Wish List set to First Run Only, the default is to record these episodes also, just in case it might be a new one.

My habit is to check my To Do Lists on both TiVos every morning and make sure the shows I expect to record are set up to record, and to cancel the shows picked up by my ARWL that I don't want. With generic listings it's tempting to go through and nuke them all, but if more accurate listings show up closer to the air date, and the shows turn out to be repeats, your TiVo will see that and drop them from your To Do List. So I only worry about the ones which are showing up in the next one or two days.

Hope this helps.

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