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I just got the offer, for my 7 year old 2-tuner Premiere XL. I'm considering it, and would value some advise from the Wise Ones that inhabit this forum. I'd probably go for the Bolt + 3TB

Downsides: 1) The Bolts don't do OTA and cable; worse, the Bolt + doesn't do OTA at all. I occasionally tape an OTA show, but only occasionally.
2) The Bolts are not stackable (dumb design decision IMHO)
3) $600 is still $600
4) This is the real issue - I have Comcast service, and AT&T is now installing fiber to the home in my subdivision. ATT does offer a home DVR option, which I could use instead of Tivo. The Bolt won't work with AT&T, (nor will my existing Premiere) and what I'm really afraid of is that Comcast may switch to all IPTV of some sort, in which case a Bolt would, I think, become a doorstop. Any thoughts on this?

Finally, what I think is a simple questions: I assume my existing Premiere, once deactivated, can still be used to play back previously recorded shows - correct?

Thanks for any advice!
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