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Ok here is the scoop. I want to network my girlfriends new tivo she just got for christmas and I am having a heck of a time.

I installed linksys wireless - B and it is working fine. My laptop can connect no problem. She has a Comcast cable modem set up. She purchased the wireless router for the TiVo box off of the TiVo site and when I pluged it in to the back, it recognized it with no problems.

BUT it still doesn't connect.

I have gone through the help stuff on tivo and tried everything. I have even read some similar problems here. Nothing seems to work.

At one point I had a DHCP error. Someone else posted a similar DHCP error on this site and was instructed to use a static IP address, DNS, Gateway and even provided the correct addresses to enter. I tried that and now I have a gateway error.

When I originally set up the Linksys wireless network I renamed it (i changed the ssid) to "Lisa Home" but when I start the wireless network setup on her TiVo box and it searches for the available networks, it shows Linksys (which it is) but doesn' t name "Lisa Home" as a choice. I tried manually entering Lisa Home and the WEP Key but TiVo couldn't find it and it gave me a DHCP error.

Any suggestions?
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