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With the router, check a couple of things. You may have already checked these.

1) The SSID is case sensative, so when you enter the SSID, you have to enter it exactly how it appears in the router config.

2) Does she have access lists setup? If so, you will need to add the mac address of the wireless adapter that is connected to her TiVo in order for it to be able to connect.

3) If she has a wireless G router, make sure it is operating in a mode that supports both G and B and not just G. The default is normally set to G and B.

4) The linksys SSID that is coming up is likely a neighboring wireless network and not hers. hers should show up if you have SSID broadcast enabled, but it is usually good security practice to disable SSID.

You can try to rerun guided setup, but it is probably something in the configuration of the wireless network. One good way to check is to set the wireless router to it's defaults (you may have to change the SSID if you have another wireless network within close range using the default SSID) and try to connect with it that way.

If you need more help, please post the model number of your wireless router and the model and version number of the wireless card you have. It would also be helpful to know what version of the TiVo software you are running (will show under system information on the tivo).
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