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Network Storage for Tivo

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Is it possible to have Tivo work directly with network storage (connected to directly to the router via ethernet)?

If it can be done, can you please point me to some links which explain in simple terms how this can be done, particular hardware/software config rqmnts, etc?

Ultimately, I'd like to be able to avoid having to power up and logon my desktop in order to get trade files back and forth between Tivo and the network storage.

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I know of one instance of someone getting Galleon running headlessly on a Buffallo NAS. If you are up for that, it can be done. See the linkstationwiki or the Kurobox wiki for directions on hacking the NAS, installing Java and Galleon and configuring it to work.

This is not an easy thing to do for the general population, but it is possible and works fairly well, if a bit slowly.

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