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Network Performance

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It's been a while since I took a snapshot of my network performance, and I have only recently started recoding a lot of videos to MPEG4. What a difference! Aside from the space savings - 30% is nothing at which to sneeze, the network speed-up is tremendous on an S3 TiVo. It would be interesting to compare the performance of the S3 with the THD and a Premier. If someone has a Premier, perhaps they can post their results. The results posted below for the "Videos copied from remote device" were done with both tuners disabled. The rest were done with both tuners active, presumably to HD channels.

1. MPEG2 from Linux Server using pyTiVo Pull.

2. MPEG2 to Linux Server using kmttg.

3. Native transfer from S3 TiVo.

4. Native transfer to S3 TiVo.

5. MPEG4 (h.264 in .mpg container) from Linux Server using pyTiVo / vidmgr Push

I don't have a convenient way at the moment to capture from my THD. If someone else has results handy for a THD, please post. If not, I'll try to get a capture done in a couple of days.
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A couple of data points for Premieres:

For MoCA 1.1 connected Premieres (would probably be a little faster with straight ethernet):
Incoming DVR Transfer: 82 Mb/s

pyTivo MP4 (H.264+AC3) push from laptop using wired ethernet to Premiere:
Video Download: 75 Mb/s
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