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I have t-mobile home internet. Since many of my gadgets like google Wi-Fi box won’t connect to it, I never disconnected my old slow cox cable internet.

with the Edge TiVo- the Wi-Fi doesn’t work if an Ethernet cable is attached

I wanted to use the t- mobile to stream as it is unlimited but cox has a 1.25 Gb monthly cap.

I couldn’t get it the TiVo to recognize T-Mobile at first on the Ethernet or Wi-Fi. So I put Wi-Fi back to Cox’s and connected to the server. Then plugged the T-Mobile Ethernet back in and it uses T-Mobile.

re T-Mobile Wi-Fi: if you connect it to a computer and type in the address of the router - a menu pops up!
It has many different channels that are in both 5 gz and the 2.4 ghz. So if you change the name of the Wi-Fi- some of the channels still have the old name on the bottom of the trash can gateway.
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