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I watch a show on Netflix and at some point I pause the playback and walk away long enough that the Tivo goes to sleep. When I come back, wake it up and try to re-start playback, the audio starts where I left off but the video never plays. I get the Netflix home screen for the show with a spinning circle that either stays at 0% forever or counts up to maybe 30% and then stops.

The odd thing is that this behavior, once started, persists even after I force close the Netflix and Stream players and even after I reboot the Tivo by unplugging it and plugging it in again.

If I go to the same show on my Roku player, it starts playing at the place where I left it on the Tivo and audio and video play correctly.

I'm mystified.... how could this odd behavior survive a power off reboot? Unless the Tivo's Netflix player commands get routed through Tivo servers at the mothership and THAT is hosed?

Every time something like this happens I say to hell with it and go back to using my Roku. Trouble is that I LIKE the features on the Tivo so I keep coming back to it...... and keep encountering issues like this. If it isn't refusing to play the video it is freezing on a grey screen or not remembering what episodes I have watched. What is that old definition of insanity?

Is it just me?

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