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Nero audio Codec not playing T2G files in WMP

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Here's the lashup:

- I suddenly started crashing WMP 11 whenever trying to watch .tivo files
- I reverted BACK to WMP9
- No video played
- I loaded ELCARD's Video codec for WMP, which shows me the video.

But I have no audio.

The properties of the file shows the "Nero Digital Audio Decoder" as the audio codec.

But.. again, no sound when playing.

Any help here would be most helpful..

Thanks in advnace.
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Nero Digital uses AAC (Advanced Audio Codec). If you hook your computer to a sound system with a digital connection the sound will not be played. Try an analog connection (red/white RCA) from the computer to the sound system and see if that is the problem.
Just trying to go out the speakers is all.

How do I tell WMP to change the CODEC to something more useful ?
I do not use the Windows Media Player that much. Perhaps someone else knows how to change the audio codec for a .TIVO file. I would either use VLC or run the file through Direct Show Filter Dump.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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