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JimSpence said:
Personally, I'd stay away from a DVD/VCR combo unit. Why? Because you can't use both at the same time. What if you are recording to the DVD and wanted to watch a VCR tape? Can't do it. But, if this won't be a problem, then this is just a matter of preference.

I have just ordered a DVD recorder with hard drive as a replacement for my ailing DVD recorder. My VCR isn't even connected any longer, and hasn't been for a couple of years. If I get the urge to transfer a tape to a DVD I'll get it out and do it.
Actually Jim, some combo units do have dual tuners, so shoppers for new gear should check the specs to see if you can record with both independently.

marcb515, here's a link to my thread need help choosing a DVD recorder on AVS Forum. There are other discussions here on TCF, too -- if I find the links I'll try to post them here.

But I wanted to ask -- why not a second TiVo? I have two standalone TiVos and I'm considering buying a third. Remember, for the second and third TiVos, if you have monthly service, they are only $6.95 a month. My first TiVo is on lifetime, so any TiVo I buy from now on, I only pay $6.95 a month for service.

If I have two shows on at 8 PM Tuesday night (for example) I can put the SP for one on TiVo #1 and the SP for the other one on TiVo #2. Problem solved!

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