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I have used Panasonic DMR-E50's for several years, and am VERY happy with them!
One "TiVo-like" feature is recording with a DVD-RAM disk. You can record and watch at the same time! (example - start recording a movie at 8PM, turn on the recorder at 9PM and start watching the show from the beginning while the movie continues to record!).

Also there is a "one minute" commercial skip button when playing back RAM disks. And, last but not least, the DVD-RAM's are available in "cartridge" form...great for kids (or buttered popcorn lovers).

The newest generation Panasonic recorders offer better 4 hour mode (LP) recording (12-bit DAC) than the older DMR-E50 units. You can get them with a hard drive or as a DVD/VCR combo. Although I would recommend using a separate VCR to transfer your old tapes (then throw out the VCR...ancient technology).

I also agree that the TV Guide feature is a sore-thumb...it doesn't work most of the time...too bad really. Just use VCR+ codes.

My 2 cents worth :rolleyes:
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