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Well, first of all S-video is superior to composite. Your connection options in order from worst to best are RF, Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video, RGB/VGA, DVI, HDMI. Although you of course don't all of those on your tivo, HD ones might. Also the higher end ones like Component vs RGB or DVI vs HDMI might be debatable but that's the rough order. RF, Composite, S-video, Component is..I hesitate to say undeniable because some knucklehead will jump in and argue. But it honestly isn't a "matter of opinion" on those 4. Its quantifiable.

As far as a 30 ft run. Unless you are a fairly discerning video person I wouldn't worry too much about that. Just don't run total crap cables. I have a fairly cheapo 50ft cable that I use to get feeds from the tivos in the theater room to my big screen downstairs and its plenty adequate. At that distance I think the length of a cable run might negate the marginal improvement you get from high end cables. Actually, you might check out your local Radio Shack. They are clearing out a bunch of stuff and just yesterday I picked up a very simple single Svideo booster for like $5 or something. This would be handy if you decide that its needed. Plus that's seriously cheap!

As with anything like this. The answer is experiment. There is no use dropping $100's in cables if you aren't unhappy with what you have. I think the improvement from RF to Svideo will be enough to satisfy you for a decent while at least.

Edit: Looks like it took me so long to write this while eating Taco Bell that pac snuk in with a concise answer :)
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