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Need Help with Tivo HD remote and Sony DG510 Receiverr

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Just purchased the Sony STR-DG510 receiver. Also, I just purchased the Tivo HD which has the regular. For some reason, I am having trouble getting the remote control to adjust the volume on this receiver.

I have tried all of the remote codes but no luck. Can anyone help here?

Please let me know. Thanks.
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I'm not sure what model sony receiver I have... but I had to change mine from an av2 to an av1... it changes the remote codes your receiver responds to. Check your manual for how to do it, it's pretty simple. Also, I programmed my 'input' button to control the power to the receiver, now I only ever need that one remote to watch tv!
I just did this with my DG510. To change from AV2 to AV1, turn the power off on your receiver. Press and hold the input button, and press the power button on the front of the receiver. It should show AV1 at that point, and your TiVo remote will work with it. I believe it was the third remote code that worked for the receiver.

I found another thread while I was searching to resolve this that explained how to get the TiVo remote to also control the power of my receiver:

You need to do two steps to get the VOL & POWER:

1. press and hold TIVO & MUTE, enter the AUD code
2. press and hold TIVO & TV POWER, enter the AUD code again.

Hope that helps. BTW, when you switch from AV2 to AV1, your original Sony receiver remote won't function. To change modes again, repeat the process (with power off, press and hold input button on front of receiver and press power button).
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