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Hello. Been awhile since I've posted in the TiVo community but I've bought a Bolt and having trouble with the MoCa network. I'm using a MoCa spliter left behind by the previous Direct TV service I had.The Bolt works well connected HDMI to my main tv. One of my minis also works well. But no link up to my second mini. See attached diagram. I finaly gave in to a ethernet connection to that mini that works but is a bit sluggish compared to the coax connection of the other mini. I've read the postings in here and saw talk of changing MoCa channels. Is that something I need to do?
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Thanks for the diagram. As already noted the standard green label Directv splitters are not optimized for MoCA on CATV. DECA which is Directv's version of MoCA uses the frequencies 500-800MHz normally used by CATV, which is why you can't mix DECA with CATV and why you can't use MoCA(1100-1675MHz) with Directv.
Looking at your setup, you need at least one MoCA POE or Whole Home DVR filter on the input of that 4 way splitter, but that alone may not resolve your MoCA issues. The 2 most reliable brands of truly MoCA "rated" splitters are from Verizon and Holland, many other brands mention "MoCA" or "MoCA compatible" which is meaningless.
These are a favorite and reasonably priced, Cable and Satellite Tools - Distributor of Tools for CATV, Satellite, Home Theater, Security, Telecom
Just avoid the ones on the bottom of the list that say Directv as these are really for the DECA system. Also if you know you don't need that extra port on the 4 way splitter, consider replacing it with a 3 way to get slightly less signal loss. If you decide to go for the upgraded splitters consider picking up a couple extra 2 ways in case you want to install other MoCA devices later. These same folks sell a MoCA filter for about $3.69. Might also check to make sure your cable modem is MoCA compatible and if not order another filter.
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