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I just signed up thru Charter Digital and need info on how to connect my SD-H400 to my Motorola DCT2224 (DCT2000 series I assume)

I thought I had the cables hooked up correctly but I can never get video to come thru on the Tivo after repeating the guided setup

Can someone please explain step by step and cable by cable hookup? Do I have to use A/V cables, S-video, composite etc?

What's the easiest hookup? I have the Serial Connector available as well

Thanks in advance

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The simplest connection with best video quality will be ....

* Cable TV Coax to Motorola Cable Box RF cable input
* Motorola Cable Box SVideo & L/R Audio outputs to matching Tivo inputs
* Tivo SVideo & L/R Audio outputs to matching TV inputs

Look up your Cable TV box here http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=128743 for more information about serial or IR interface with your Tivo.

See additional hookup diagrams at Tivo's web site here http://customersupport.tivo.com/subjects.asp?path=0,0&#_SettingUpMyTiVoDVR
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